latino caregiver project 

St. Barnabas Senior Services is proud to partner with AARP California to explore a range of services/products addressing the unique needs of Latino caregivers in LA County Supervisorial District 1. To help identify community needs and potential solutions, SBSS has convened a Caregiver Community Coalition of caregiving practitioners and experts from multiple disciplines who will drive program development and strategies for the project.

While efforts have been made to research and develop effective interventions to address family caregiver needs, the options can be overwhelming for an already fatigued family member. LA County is almost 50 percent Latino, yet few family caregiver interventions are tailored to serve this population.
— Rigo J. Saborio, President and CEO, SBSS

Latino caregivers often struggle to find the information and support they need to assist them in their caregiving roles, which often contributes to their levels of stress and poor health.  Caring for an elder loved one can take a significant toll with caregivers experiencing physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion and social isolation. Through the Latino Caregiver Project, we hope to close gaps in caregiver support services and help Latino caregivers find the right resources in their community.

For more information, please contact Liz Torres, Latino Caregiver Project Manager, (213) 388-4444 ext. 292 or

Family caregiving is personal and local. We want to find answers to questions such as: “What is the journey for caregivers in Latino communities? Who is most trusted by caregivers? Where are the barriers to getting the supports and services that caregivers need?
— Nancy McPherson, AARP CA State Director