The Mobile Tech Lab teaches computer skills and provides Internet access to seniors throughout Los Angeles, by visiting community centers and senior apartment complexes. Computer and information technologies hold promise for improving the independence and quality of life for older adults and their families, with older adults being less likely to access information and social connections that can lead to healthy aging. 

The classes address computer basics, email, online transactions, and security. Utilizing the OASIS Institute's curriculum, the Mobile Tech Lab classes offer hands-on and in-person classes with a curriculum tailored to the learning styles of older adults.

By addressing the unique technological needs of older adults, this program aims to bridge the digital divide. Seniors will be able to stay connected to family and friends, access health and other information in an economical way, reduce isolation and depression,  stay mentally stimulated, and function independently.  

I had never used or touched a computer in my life before the Mobile Tech Lab came to my building. I am now able to use the internet to get the daily news along with news from the Philippines. I am no longer intimidated by the computer; I now know that I can use it to find helpful information.
- Lilia R