Moving Boldly Beyond Limitations, Vidilia Discovers Community

Imagine waking up paralyzed, suffered two strokes and two back surgeries then told you had dystonia, a nerve and muscle disorder, would you desire to live your best life? 

Vidilia Kinsey does and that’s exactly what she’s doing at St. Barnabas Senior Services.

Vidilia Final.jpg

No stranger to illness, Vidilia’s health began to decline in 1999 and yet she will not let her circumstances limit her motivation to live life forward. 

“I refuse to be confined to a wheelchair, a portable potty, a walker and a hospital bed with medicine on the side. If you’re positive when you get sick, it’s still you,” said Vidilia. “I have so much to offer others.”

On her milestone 60th birthday, Vidilia arrived at SBSS to see what the senior services agency had to offer. She discovered more than she expected.

“We are like kids up in here. We can laugh out loud, we can talk. And everybody respects everybody. Everyone has a different personality, but they are friendly people.  Everyone is hanging out. Nobody cares about what time it is. I like Zumba. I love to dance, to move all the time.”

Vidilia and her friends bowling and cheering each other on!

Vidilia and her friends bowling and cheering each other on!

Aside from Zumba, Vidilia bowls with friends! Well, virtual reality bowling on Xbox Kinect but nonetheless stays active and strengthens her mobility in the company of other seniors through gaming.

Ask us and we’d say that SBSS not only gave Vidilia a place to rehabilitate, but a safe and supportive community to stabilize herself. Oh, and Vidilia, we agree; you do have so much to offer others!

Help us transform the lives of seniors like Vidilia through our Fitness Club and social activities. Please donate and give the gift of joy today.

It’s energy, it’s stress relief, it’s peace here. SBSS has really helped me get through my illness.
— Vidilia, 61 years young